Wow! What an exciting 3 years it has been for Rick Fern Ministries. Much prayer has gone forth and vision has been given. I have been blessed to travel and minister in some wonderful churches and watch God perform His Word with signs following. With trips to France, Romania, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy  and Spain, I am super excited to tell you about a great, effectual door that has been opened for RFM in the country of France, Spain, Italy and Western Europe which has been notorious for being know as  closed nations for the most part, especially France. But I have always believed there is a key to every nation and people. This of course is found in prayer and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Doors have opened since I have moved to France that have not been opened before. Our XploreNations University campuses in France are  in their third year with a wonderful bunch students in Dunkerque France and we are also ministering in the refugee camps on northern France. Also a campus in Meaux, Fr. just outside of Paris which is made up of Ivory Coast Africans who have moved to France. We have 3 main campuses in Spain, they are located in Barcelona, Manlleu, and Granollers training people from over 15 different nationalities and 300 plus students.  We also have 9 more satellite campuses and one in Milan Italy.

Europe has been shaken with infiltration of the Islamic culture and ideals. With their traditional European and French culture being invaded, they are open to the Gospel like never before.

God has opened doors to us in specific areas that have historically been closed in France, Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe. Hearts are ready and the time is now! Let us make a difference in not only France, Spain,Italy but the surrounding countries by spreading the only true changing power in the universe – the love and healing power of Jesus Christ

As the European National Director I would ask that not only would you pray for these works here in France, Spain, Italy and other campuses we are believing God will open soon. I would ask that you  seriously consider supporting these schools and refugee outreaches financially. You can do so by going to!/giving/  section for instructions on how you may get involved or click on the giving section of the rick fern ministries web page

Help me and those called along side to help plant these works so that we can impact not only France, Spain, Europe and the Middle East and Norther Africa with this life changing Gospel by sending well trained ministers into these lands as well as other countries that the Lord may lead.                                                                                                                                                                     Rick Fern Ministries
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