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Bro. Rick,

Thank you for coming to Florida and ministering such a powerful word to our church and to me personally.  When you laid hands on me and spoke to me by the spirit of God that I had been given a bad report, at first I thought you talked to my wife, then I realized you had never met her, secondly I was not sure about this Holy Ghost stuff.  But as I listened to you minister and give that powerful testimony about you’re healing, it all made sense to me and I could for the first time see it in the scriptures.  When you laid hands on me and pronounced healing over me, it was like I got hit with a mac truck, the next thing I remember was being carried out of the church and into the bed of my pick up truck.  What you did not know was that I had severe rheumatoid arthritis in its severest case.  I was a medical Guinea pig for the doctors in my community, they tried every drug and new medical idea on me.  I had been on disability for 10 years and not able to work.  When I woke up the next day there were no signs of rheumatoid arthritis at all in my body.  I threw away all the pretty colored pills I had and went and got a job, the first time to work in 10+ years.  But then something happened, when the pay period came, my employer said I could not be paid etc. because of my disability and the benefits from it, I was not, by the government allowed to work, I went and started another job and had the same results. I was finally sent to Washington DC  for an examination and was told I would go through several days of test.  After the first few hours the doctor and nurse who where running the test came out of the office with tears in their eyes and told me they have never seen anything like it, I was cleared and am able to work again.  They told me I was the first man in the history of the U.S. to have been declared healed from such a crippling disease and allowed, by the government to re-enter the work force! Praise to my God!  Again thank you for your obedience to come to our church and to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  You will forever be in our prayers.




Dear Bro. Fern,

I just want to share a praise report with you on how the Lord healed me in you’re meetings here in Kansas. While ministering at my church you were preaching the word when all of a sudden you stopped and said with such boldness, “If you have a missing body part come up here”  I was not sure weather to go up or not, but I said why not and proceeded to go forward along with a few other people.  You then laid hands on me and I saw this beam of light hit me in the forehead and the next thing I know you were closing the service, I guess I must have laid  there for quite some time.  I called the doctor the next day to set up an appointment to get validation that I was healed.  When I told him why I wanted the meeting with him he told me quite frankly there was no need to come in.  The reason being a few years earlier I had some female parts removed which meant I could never have children.  He told me he took them out and that they do not grow back.  I insisted on seeing him to prove I was whole again.  He said well, it is your money.  I showed up at the doctors office and he examined me and told me to wait in the waiting room.  He came out dragging his tongue on the floor and eyes as big as saucers.  He said you have had a miracle and said that the man upstairs must have smiled on me.  He quite frankly could not believe what he was seeing, he kept saying I took those parts out and held them in my hand.  I just want to thank you for you’re healing ministry and the Lord Jesus for the miracle he worked in my body.




Dear Bro. Rick,

Thank you for ministering at my church in Dunkerque, France.  Just wanted to give you a praise report on my father. You prayed for his leg to grow out and it was quit short and he had to wear a special shoe.  We all saw it grow out and it has stayed and not returned.  So I wanted to let you know we had to go shopping to by him new pants because all his pants were short on one side.  Thank you for obeying God and ministering to us.